FAQ for Pilotworks Portland, ME:

When will the location officially close?
The kitchen’s last day of operation will be Sunday, September 30th.

Why weren’t you able to keep this location open?
Please know we’ve made every possible attempt to identify potential outcomes to keep this location open. While this is not the outcome that anyone had hoped for, we remain committed to working collectively to wind down operations as smoothly as possible to minimize the impact to our customers, vendors, and the communities we serve.

How long will the wind-down process take and how will it work
Over the next eight weeks our team’s primary goal will be to help minimize any disruptions to your business. Until the kitchen’s closing day, you can continue to use your membership as you do today and we will continue to deliver the member experience and services you expect.

Members will be able to schedule shifts as normal with full-staff support up to Sunday, September 30th.

All member storage and equipment will need to be removed no later than Friday, October 5th.

How will billing be handled moving forward?
Effective today through our closing day of September 30th, you will be able to utilize your same hourly plan as well as any storage units you are using at zero cost.

As a member, will I still need to book kitchen time?
Yes. All members will still be required to book time though Pilotworks Digital to ensure space is available.

Can I get my security deposit back?
All security deposits will be returned to members upon cancelation of their membership and in the manner agreed upon in their Member Agreement.

Will Pilotworks be selling any of its own equipment?
We do not have plans to sell any of the kitchen equipment.

Will another company be taking over the space?
We do not have any news to share at this time.

Will you be accepting any new members during this process?
We will not be accepting new members at this location.

Will I have access to Pilotworks Digital and the Members Directory after this location closes?
No. After the location closes on September 30th, all memberships at that location will be closed and accounts will no longer have access to the Pilotworks digital platform.

Can I transfer my membership to another Pilotworks location?
We are happy to work with you to explore every possible option to accommodate you in another Pilotworks location. If you are interested please contact: [email protected]

What will happen to any supplies I don’t use?
We ask that you kindly remove any of your personal equipment and supplies no later than Friday, October 5th. We will be unable to store any materials past that date.

Is my kitchen license or permit transferable?
Eating and Lodging Licenses issued by the Portland Department of Health and Human Services and Food & Fuel // Dairy Licenses issued by the Maine Department of Agriculture are linked to the physical shared kitchen space in which you operate. You will need to notify the DHHS or DOA of your change in address, which may impact the status of your license.

Is my Certificate of Insurance (COI) still valid?
You will need to notify your insurance provider to ensure your policy is properly updated after your company leaves Pilotworks. All members using Pilotworks kitchens will be required to maintain a valid COI.

How will this closure impact my business license and sales tax registration?
You will be required to update your business registration and sales tax info to reflect the address of your new production space. You can do so here: City of Portland business License and  Sales Tax Registration

Will this location still be hosting events?
We will be hosting all events scheduled through September 30th, but will not be hosting any new events.

Are other Pilotworks locations closing?
Our spaces in Chicago, Dallas and the New York area remain open and we are continuing to look to expand Pilotworks into other markets.

I’m a member of the media and I have questions, who can I contact?
All media inquires can be directed to: [email protected]

Where can I go if I still have additional questions?
Your local Community Team is available in-person to address any additional questions might have. You can also email any questions to: [email protected]