Hardware to make your job easy.

From Blodgett convection ovens to Hobart floor mixers to Vitamix blenders to Cleveland tilt skillets, our kitchens are stocked with A+ equipment. We’ve also got all the smallwares—racks, bowls, pans, pots, etc—that you need. Here’s just a sample of the gear you’ll find at Pilotworks.

Convection oven

“Convection” rhymes with “perfection.” Coincidence? No. These double-stacked ovens circulate hot air to reduce cook times and ensure even cooking. Blodgett is an industry benchmark for quality.

Blast chiller

When you need to chill out, take 3-6 deep breaths. When you need to chill your food out, harness the power of a blast chiller. Works much faster than a traditional ice bath.


Our spaces are stocked with powerful, consistent ranges. Now we’re cooking with gas.


These high-capacity char broilers are great for grilling and charring mountains of meats or vegetables for meal prep or larger catering operations.

Flat top griddle

Your sauté and searing abilities will be unlimited with these griddles, which can be freestanding or countertop.


Everything tastes better fried. Whether you need a full-size floor model or countertop fryer model, we’ve got your frying needs covered.

Steam kettle

Normally 40-60 quarts in capacity, these big boys can be used for stocks, sauces, soups, or even for brewing beverages.

Tilt skillet

The Swiss Army Knife of kitchen equipment. A tilt skillet can be used for braising, steaming, sautéeing, searing, simmering, blanching, and boiling.

Combi oven

Short for “combination” oven, a combi allows you to combine dry heat and moist heat (aka steam) at different percentages for extra-precise and efficient cooking. Often used in institutional dining for their speed and versatility.

Floor mixer

These enormous mixers are great for mega-batches of batter, dough, or buttercream. Or meringue. Or guacamole. Or whipped cream. Or anything else that needs mixing.


When you think “high-performance blender,” one word comes to mind: Vitamix. Our Vita-Prep models are the industry standard for unbeatable blending.

Countertop mixer

Just like your home Kitchen Aid, these small mixers are best for countertop use. We stock a variety of attachments, too.

Food processor

Most kitchens are equipped with Robot Coupe R2s, the standard food processor for commercial kitchens. Superb for chopping, grating and pureeing small batches.


These high-capacity food processors typically accommodate 23 or 30 quarts. They also tilt for easy emptying. Bonus: “blixer” is very fun to say.

Immersion blender

A blender on a stick is a great way to easily puree sauces, soups and other liquids, or to emulsify mayo, vinaigrettes, etc.

Induction burner

Induction burners offer precise temperature control without necessitating a hood. These can be used with stainless steel, cast iron or other conductive cookware. (But no aluminum.)

Dough sheeter

Dough sheeters are used by bakers for fondant rolling, laminating (layering) dough, and making cookies and crackers. We have a variety of dough sheeters in our facilities—both countertop and floor models.

Proofing cabinet

Raise the roof! Or raise some dough. A proofing cabinet offers a controlled environment for raising yeast doughs.

Deck oven

Unlike a convection oven (which transfers heat by air), deck ovens transfer heat through direct contact with a stone or metal deck. Commonly used in bread baking and pizza making.

Rotating rack oven

An essential for scale bakers, these ovens accomodate 30-50 sheet trays (!) and rotate constantly, ensuring a consistent temperature throughout the bake. Our cookie and cracker producers swear by them.