More cooks in the kitchen can be a good thing

We believe that anyone should be able to start a food business. We help by providing the best on-demand commercial kitchen spaces—as well as a community of industry experts and mentors. Together, we’re championing the next generation of independent food makers.

Wide open spaces

A great kitchen is a thing of beauty. Ours are thoughtfully-designed and ready for you to start mixing, chopping, and kneading your heart out.

Book space like *that*

Reserve kitchen time with the click of a button through our digital booking system. You can also pick the exact equipment you need for the time you’re here.

One-stop shop

We’re more than enormous mixers and powerful blenders. Connect with members, attend events, and use our community coworking spaces to build your business.


Who works at Pilotworks? A team of people intent on changing the food industry. Here we are, in circular form:

Nick Devane
Co-Founder Pilotworks
Mike Dee
Co-Founder and CTO
Cindy Au
VP of Member Operations
Carol Benovic-Bradley
Director of Community Operations
Christopher Wren
National Director of Wholesale & Distribution
Tomica Saul
Mentor Program Manager
Angie Isenberg
Community Manager
Ned Klein
Director of Culinary Operations
Kate Alberswerth
Kitchen Manager
Alyssa Ashby
Product Operations Associate
Mike Lavoie
Lily Nguyen
Director of Business Operations