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We believe that anyone with the spirit and grit to start a food business—or grow an existing one—should have access to affordable state-of-the-art kitchen space, community, and resources.

What we’ve got for you

Standard kitchen stations

Our kitchen spaces are outfitted with best-in-class equipment and start at $20 an hour. Each station can be booked by the hour (or for any amount of time); by itself or in groups. The larger your needs, the more you save.

Private and semi-private kitchens

Need extra elbow room? Private and semi-private kitchen stations are also available in a variety of thoughtfully-designed layouts.


We work with food brands of all sizes to find and connect them with retail partners. In other words: we help get your product from idea to store shelf to customer’s belly.

New to the food game? Welcome.

Pilotworks is more than a shared kitchen space. It’s a community of food professionals pursuing what they love, whether they’re just starting out or a veteran of the business.


Access Pilotworks community events, learning programs, industry networks, and a whole panoply of resources with a community membership.


Coffee, fast Wi-Fi, printing, conference rooms and a place to connect with other makers? Yes please. Welcome to our co-working space.


Starting a food business is hard. You know what’s helpful? Mentors. Our network of ready-to-help pros can get you on your feet fast.

Liftoff in 3, 2, 1…Introducing Pilotworks Launchpad

Ready for your idea to take off? Meet Pilotworks new Launchpad program — a jam-packed, six-week course with everything you need to know to start and grow your food business, all in one tidy, no-time-wasted package. Just $100 for early adopters (normally $450).

Available at our Brooklyn, Newark, Dallas, and Chicago spaces.

Being in the kitchen is exciting. You never know who is there and what is being created, but you smell every bit of it and you feel the energy of hard working people.
- Tina Diep, Hungry Bird Eats